Custom Jewelry

This piece was commissioned by a lovely client who was already the proud owner of an argyle pink diamond.  She had it set in a basic pendant with a couple of baby diamonds surrounding it, until she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it.  Upon meeting me and seeing my collection, she fell in love with the "Throwing Stones" concept. Once I started working with the design, I wanted to give a little pop of color to really make the pink diamond stand out, hence the addition of rubies.

This client reached out to me after seeing a wedding ring I made for her friend.  She had recently given birth to her first son, Jack, and wanted to have a special piece made to honor that.  Upon discussion we decided to make it a family birthstone bracelet, to include her and her husband's birthstones, as well as Oliver's.  And to my surprise and delight, Oliver is her dog!  She explained, "well, he's my first baby so he should be included too!"  And here is the finished piece. Citrine for the father, garnet for the mother, tanzanite for baby Jack, and tourmaline for Jack's fur brother, Oliver.