There's no doubt that jewelry holds a powerful story for many of us.  Whether it's a signet ring you inherited from your nana, or a statement pair of earrings you bought for your self to celebrate a promotion, that piece of jewelry becomes part of your life's narrative.  

When my sons were very young and I would have to travel for a night or two and be away from them I would wrap one of my bracelets onto each of their wrists and tell them to wear it and think of mommy's arms wrapped around them.  It was a comforting and special ritual that we shared; when I returned, they would put the bracelet back on to my wrist, until the next trip.  When it came time for me to travel for one whole week (an extremely long time for a 5 year old) to the Couture Show, my youngest son Kenz made a beaded plastic bracelet for me to wear while I was that I would remember him. That bracelet is priceless to me, and as my sons grow up, I look forward to getting more pieces of jewelry to add to my collection from them, especially as they move on from plastic beads...

parting gift bracelet from Kenz - so that I can remember him while I was away at my first Couture Show  

Some of the favorite jewels many of my friends and clients have are the ones they were given in times of celebration from their significant others and/or their children.  With Mother's Day coming up, we've had several requests from our clients to help them not end up with a gift certificate for dry cleaning as a their gift (true story), or a toaster oven (also a true story).  We put together this beautiful assortment of jewels to help.  

While I think that most mothers believe that the greatest jewels of their lives are their children, a little sparkle goes a long way as a visual reminder of that love.

And, just because mothers day is a week away you haven't missed the boat - you can always make a move to stand out and give some sparkle at another time of the year.  Surely your mom will appreciate the effort, no matter the time.

Mother's Day Sparkle Guide