I am sure you have it - a box or a drawer where you keep the jewelry that you don't wear.  Ever.  These are jewels that have a special meaning to you - whether they were inherited from Aunt Betty, a wedding day gift from your in-laws, or a high school graduation ring - but you can't put them on.  They are too fussy, too colorful, too plain, too manly, too girlie - you get the idea.  

One of my favorite things to do is play with clients' "unwearables" and recreate them into pieces that they will love and adorn themselves with. Here's a recent example.  


The earrings are a classic ZAIKEN motif, but slightly larger, as the diamonds my client had were larger.  Imagine from a box of "unwearables" to this pair of gorgeous earrings.  

Think about your collection of "unwearbales"...what would you make?  Contact me to get the ideas flowing - - sales@zaikenjewelry.com.

Sparklingly Yours,