It's that time of year when we want to share our favorite finds with the most special people in our lives...whether your tradition is to gift under the tree, beside the menorah, or just as the ball drops, we have selected a sampling of our must have hot list items. Colorful studs and stack rings continue to play a dominant role in the purchase patterns of our clients, as well as statement necklaces and rings.  Contact us for further details and purchase locations.

Wishing you a sparkling holiday season,


I am sure you have it - a box or a drawer where you keep the jewelry that you don't wear.  Ever.  These are jewels that have a special meaning to you - whether they were inherited from Aunt Betty, a wedding day gift from your in-laws, or a high school graduation ring - but you can't put them on.  They are too fussy, too colorful, too plain, too manly, too girlie - you get the idea.  

One of my favorite things to do is play with clients' "unwearables" and recreate them into pieces that they will love and adorn themselves with. Here's a recent example.  


The earrings are a classic ZAIKEN motif, but slightly larger, as the diamonds my client had were larger.  Imagine from a box of "unwearables" to this pair of gorgeous earrings.  

Think about your collection of "unwearbales"...what would you make?  Contact me to get the ideas flowing - -

Sparklingly Yours,